Where to Buy Sex Toys

Where Do I Go to Buy Sex Toys?

Buying sex toys online can seem like a daunting task, but worry not! On this page you can find trustworthy, well stocked online stores where you can buy sex toys and know you’re getting a safe, legitimate product! Don’t roll the dice shopping on Amazon or other questionable online retailers–support sex positive businesses instead!

I’m an affiliate for all of the stores recommended below, but I only enter into affiliate relationships with stores I’ve extensively researched to make sure they primarily stock body-safe products and have sex positive messaging. I’m not selling my soul for money or anything, so please be assured that all my recommendations are trustworthy and not just me trying to make money.

A Quick Explanation of Affiliate Marketing:

Confused about what affiliate marketing is? Basically, affiliate marketing means that if you decide to purchase an item based on my recommendation/using one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me in return. This DOES NOT affect how much you pay for an item! If a toy costs $50, you pay $50 no matter what. The difference is that if you use my link to do it, you pay that $50, but the company gives me $5 (or another designated percentage) in exchange for sending traffic their way. It’s basically a way of compensating me for my efforts in reviewing sex toys, so if you enjoy my writing, please consider supporting me by using my affiliate links when/if you choose to purchase sex toys.

Again, affiliate marketing supports me at no additional cost to you! By clearing your cookies and clicking my referral link to one of the companies I’m partnered with, I earn commission from your purchase—again, you don’t pay ANYTHING EXTRA!
Here are some of the companies I’m affiliated with (listed alphabetically):

 Online Sex Toy Retailers (USA):

Betty’s Toy Box: This store has so much to offer! With a ton of different products and an expansive price range, this is a great “one stop shop” option to get affordable sex toys, bondage/kink gear, and other accessories. As a disclaimer, not everything sold here is body safe, so be sure to read product descriptions on items before you buy. You can get 10% off here with the code “IZZY”.

LoveHoney: LoveHoney is HUGE. Probably the largest online retailer I can point to, LoveHoney serves multiple different countries and stocks sex toys, lingerie, bondage stuff…they have a HUGE catalog. If you’re looking for something, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. Again, as a disclaimer, not everything sold here is body safe, so be sure to read product descriptions on items before you buy.

SheVibe: I made my very first big sex toy purchase from SheVibe! They have a huge range of body safe toys at all price ranges, a really strong and unique visual brand concept, and I’ve never had a bad experience ordering from them. Also they have SO MUCH variety and stock some really cool indie brands like Uberrime!

ShopEnby: ShopEnby is a Black/Trans owned company committed to providing an affirmative, safe, and inclusive shopping experience for the queer community, particularly transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary community members. They sell sex toys for all bodies, as well as home goods, gender affirming products, and wellness items. Additionally, 2% of all proceeds are donated to small underfunded organizations supporting queer and trans people of color! You can also get 10% off there with the code “IZZY”.

Spectrum Boutique: Spectrum Boutique is a Detroit based shop seeking to serve all identities, so you won’t find any gendered nonsense here. This store is committed to stocking body-safe products, providing comprehensive sex education, and promoting sex positivity for everyone.

Online Sex Toy Retailers (Australia):

Nikki Darling: Nikki Darling is Australia’s first gender-free sexual health and pleasure store, focusing on providing customers with education, empathy, and individualized support. I’m sad I don’t live in Australia, because their mission, their stock of products, their educational resources, and their adorable illustrations are all amazing!

Buy Sex Toys Directly From Manufacturers:

Geeky Sex Toys: This store has so much cool stuff! If you want a sex toy inspired by a superhero, a Star Wars villain, or a magical girl, look no further! Geeky Sex Toys has so many cool, creative designs, and as a geek myself, I’m super glad they exist!

Tantus: Tantus has a HUGE range of body-safe, silicone sex toys with something for everyone. From dildos like my beloved They/Them and the heavily textured Magma to a huge variety of butt plugs, Tantus has a ton of different toys to choose from. They also have frequent sales, making them a good pick if you’re on a budget!

We-Vibe: I’m a huge fan of We-Vibe and their powerful, rumbly vibrators. Some of my favorite toys, including the Rave, the original Tango and the Tango X are all from We-Vibe!

Womanizer: Yes, I know, the name is painful–but Womanizer is owned by the same parent company as We-Vibe and known for the same commitment to innovative, high-performing sex toys.


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