The Svakom Siren laying beside a strand of ivy leaves.

Svakom Siren Review

The Siren Song of the Svakom Siren:

This week, I’m reviewing yet another Svakom toy! In my last post, I reviewed the Svakom Ella, and I wrote about the Svakom Alice in the first review post I ever uploaded to this blog. The Svakom Siren is a dual-ended toy with a smooth, round vibrating bulb on one end and flexible vibrating “tongues” on the other side.

I was drawn to the Svakom Siren because its design resembled the Fun Factory Volta, which is another “fluttering tongue” style toy I’ve been curious about for a while. I wondered what it would feel like to have flexible, malleable silicone tongues, flaps, whatever you want to call them providing an additional physical sensation on top of vibrations. When I had the opportunity to review the Svakom Siren, I was excited to get to try out a toy with a new, seemingly quite innovative design style.

The Svakom Siren resting amidst an arrangement of flowers.

Performance of the Svakom Siren:

When I first tried out the Svakom Siren, I REALLY didn’t like it. Like, AT ALL. The first few times I tried it out, the fluttering of the tips felt too buzzy for me to tolerate, and felt more like painful stinging than vibration. I wanted to keep giving it chances, though, and I found that because the fluttering of the tips can be so intense, it was better for me to use the Siren through a barrier (aka, my underwear) before allowing it to come into direct contact with my clit. This approach worked way, way better.

The Svakom Siren allows for a lot of creativity and experimentation in use. The silicone…tongues….are very flexible and bendy, and easily accommodate a variety of positioning. I would occasionally have to adjust their positioning with my fingers to start off with, but once they got set in place, they did a good job of staying there. I greatly appreciate the ridged texture on the inner side of the tongues, as I feel the addition of this texture adds a lot more to the overall sensory enjoyment of the toy. If I try to imagine the Siren with a smooth inner tongue texture, it just doesn’t seem like it would be as good.

Bending one of the flexible tongues of the Svakom Siren backwards.

Some of the ways I used the tongues, tips, whatever, included:

  • Having the tongues surrounding a nipple.
  • Having the tongues spread to surround the clit in the same way.
  • Dragging the spread tongues up and down the outer sheath? Stem? of the clitoris, this works for me anatomically very well but your mileage may vary.
  • Placing the outer side of one tongue against my clit and pressing into it (basically compressing the vibration from both tongues into one).
  • The positioning mentioned above, but combined with a dragging back and forth motion.
  • “Tickling” the tips of the tongues against various parts of genitals, resulting in a very sharp, pinpoint vibration sensation. Not my favorite thing, but definitely something other people may be interested in.
  • Moving the tongues in various left-to-right and up-to-down motions.
  • Etc.

The Svakom Siren’s twin tongues offer a lot of options for experimentation, and there are three total vibration options on the tongues side to choose from. Personally, I think there should maybe be another lower-intensity option as the point it starts at feels a little too sharp for me. Overall, I would tilt the vibrations closer to being “buzzy” than “rumbly,” but they were certainly good enough and not intolerable like some overwhelmingly buzzy vibrators are.

Holding the Svakom Siren in my hand

For those who are interested in having the option to experiment but also want a “safe” option, I think the Svakom Siren is a good choice due to its dual-ended design. The bulb on the Siren serves not only as an easy, convenient-to-grip handle, but also serves as a more standard vibrator. The bulb side has five vibration intensities and five pattern options.

Again, the overall vibration quality of the bulb end of the Svakom Siren tilts towards the “buzzy” end of the spectrum, but it was overall find to use. The texture of the silicone is really nice, and…well, it’s a simple round vibrator at this point. It’s easy to hold onto and if you like your vibrations distributed over a broad surface area (like wand style vibrators) then you’d probably appreciate the bulb end of the Siren.

The bulb is marketed as a “g-spot” vibrator, but due to my ongoing health issues preventing me from engaging in most forms of penetration, I only used this toy externally. The bulb would have been way too big for me to tolerate inserting, so uh…I simply didn’t!

The charging cable jacked into the Svakom Siren

Controls and Charging:

To control the bulb end, you use the button with an “S” design. Pressing the button once allows you to cycle through the vibration intensity settings, and double pressing the button allows you to change the vibration pattern settings. This allows you to experience the five different pattern options at the intensity level of your choice. Pressing and holding the “S” button will turn the bulb end on or off.

To control the tongue end, you press the )( button. Again, pressing and holding will turn the tongue end on or off. There are only three vibration options for the tongue end, and pressing the )( button once allows you to cycle through these settings.

When the toy is being operated, the buttons light up to make them easier to see/identify. This is a big perk considering that on their own, the buttons are rather difficult to feel out and press. I found that trying to locate the buttons based on touch alone was a bit difficult, so I appreciated having the lights to guide me.

The Svakom Siren is waterproof, and charges using a USB jack that punctures the silicone “skin” of the toy. It also has a travel lock function, activated by pressing and holding both buttons for five seconds.

Final Thoughts on the Svakom Siren:

The Svakom Siren is an interesting toy that offers something new on one side and something familiar and reliable on its other side. Because it offers versatility and a “back up” option for people who realize they don’t enjoy the sensation of the fluttering tips, I think it’s a good choice for someone who wants to experiment while still maintaining a certain level of caution. It took me a few tries to be able to enjoy the sensation provided by the fluttering “tongues”, and ultimately it’s a feeling I have to be in a certain mood for to really enjoy it. Still, it helped me realize that pinpoint sensations aren’t really my thing, and it’s making me reconsider if I would want to purchase the Fun Factory Volta after all.

Overall, the Svakom Siren is a solid “B.” Not my first pick, but certainly not terrible. If you’re interested, you can get a Svakom Siren of your own here from Betty’s Toy Box!

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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