Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

Dame Aer Review

Dame Aer Review: Aer You Ready For This?

My first experience with a suction/air pulse sex toy—the Satisfyer Love Triangle—was really, really bad. My second experience was with the Womanizer Premium, and much more positive overall—although the Womanizer has a much higher price tag than the Love Triangle. Somewhere in between the Love Triangle’s $50 and the Womanizer Premium’s $200 is the Dame Aer, coming in at a middle of the road $95.

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

Satisfyer and Womanizer are two of the biggest names in the development of suction/air pulse toys, with Womanizer standing as the pricier original and Satisfyer standing as the budget-friendly knock off option. Dame, however, is a much smaller company that got its start through crowdfunding and has gone on to develop a solid catalog of sex toys. Dame’s philosophy overall is to close the orgasm gap by engineering sex toys driven by feedback from a diverse panel of testers. With this in mind, I was hopeful that the Dame Aer would resolve some of my common complaints with air pulse/suction toys—that is, feeling like my clit is too big to properly “fit” other air pulse/suction toys, and also feeling like air pulse/suction toys are too overwhelmingly intense, to the point of numbing out.

With high hopes, I took the first step and opened up the package with my new Dame Aer inside.

First Impressions:

I really like the minimalist, informative packaging the Dame Aer comes in. All the important information is made clear on the front, with simple illustrations to supplement info about the toy’s traits. Upon unboxing, I found an instruction manual, a simple cloth storage pouch with Dame’s 😮 logo on it, a sticker (nice!!!), the Aer itself, and a magnetic USB charging cable with a distinct woven design style. Not only does the charging cord feel extra durable because of this, but it also makes it stand out from my (now many) other charging cords in both visuals and touch.

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy unboxing

The Dame Aer is thicker and chunkier than any other sex toy I have, and I absolutely love the feel of it. The boxy shape of it is firm and easy to hold onto, and it feels like a perfect fit in my hand. “Natural” is the best way I can possibly describe it—it’s lightweight and has an intuitive grip that makes it so I really don’t have to think about how I’m holding the toy at all. Since worrying about the specific mechanics and positioning of a toy during sex or masturbation is a huge mood killer, the natural feel of the Dame Aer is a huge perk. The best sex toy is one you don’t have to think about!!!

I also really love how smooth and comfy the silicone of the Aer felt. It sounds weird, but “comforting” is one of the first words that comes to mind when I hold the Aer. It feels soft—not squishy, but the texture of the toy combined with the shape feels gentle, reassuring, calming…holding it in my hand honestly makes me feel less anxious and somewhat soothed. It’s like a worry rock, but one that is also a sex toy. As another reassuring feature, the Dame Aer is waterproof, meaning it’s easy to clean and you can use it in the shower, bathtub, or any other wet location of your choosing.

Charging and Controls:

The Dame Aer isn’t just pleasant to hold—it’s also pleasant to control. I didn’t need to consult the manual of the Aer in order to figure out how to use it. After charging it up, I didn’t even look at the buttons before using it. Holding the toy in my hand, the design and placement of the buttons was intuitive enough that all I had to do was press.

The wide button closest to the bottom of the toy is the power on/off button, which you press and hold to turn the toy on and off. Pressing this power button also allows you to cycle through the Aer’s pattern settings. The two buttons above the power button are a concave “-“ button to decrease intensity and a raised “+” button to increase intensity. In total, there are 5 vibration intensities and 5 pattern settings.

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

Charging was simple, and the magnetic charging cable was easy to connect to the toy as well as easy to keep in place. I appreciated how blatantly obvious the charging port was on the toy itself, because sometimes it’s not always easy to discern on a sex toy where a charger is meant to connect. The Aer’s LED light on the power button blinks green while charging, and stays steadily lit up green when fully charged. If you press the power button when the toy is low on battery, the LED light will instead blink red.

Dame Aer Feel:

Out of all the air pulse/suction style toys I’ve tried so far (at this point, the Satisfyer Love Triangle, Womanizer Premium, Womanizer Duo, and We-Vibe Melt), the Dame Aer definitely has my favorite shape. By shape, I’m referring to not only the easy-to-hold body of the toy, but also the nozzle of it. “Nozzle” perhaps isn’t the right word, but the Dame Aer has the largest, most comfortable mouth (is that better?) and feels better than any of the other air pulse toys in my collection when placed on my clit.

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

I still have no real gauge of what an “average” shape or size for a clitoris is supposed to be, but at least in my own household, my clit is significantly larger and more protruding than my partner’s. Often, this means I struggle to get a good “seal” when using other air pulse toys, and I tend to get frustrated and fed up rather than aroused. With other air pulse toys, it can feel like I’m trying to cram my clitoris into the toy’s opening like it’s a t-shirt I’m trying to shove in an overstuffed drawer. Fortunately, the Dame Aer spares me this trouble.

The mouth of the Dame Aer is broad, has a more oval shape, and is VERY soft and squishy. Instead of having to worry about a seal and wondering “do I even know where my clitoris is?”, I can just place it over my clit and have it WORK. No thoughts, head empty is my preferred way to masturbate—I’m trying to have an orgasm, not land a plane. The Dame Aer feels so comfortable when it encapsulates my clitoris, and the softness of the mouth is one of the biggest factors for me. The We-Vibe Melt, for example, has far more intense strength than the Dame Aer, but it’s simply not as comfy. The squish is a big deal here—for a sex toy that by nature requires an opening with edges to be smushed into one’s genitals, it’s important that those edges and that opening are as comfortable and soft as possible. I think Dame did a great job taking this into account.

Dame Aer Performance:

In terms of how it feels when actually turned on, the Dame Aer is admittedly much weaker than the other air pulse toys in my collection—it can’t hold a candle to the Womanizer Premium at top speed—but it still holds its own. Unlike weak vibrators, which don’t really have any value to me, the Dame Aer’s more subdued air pulse intensity is nice because—well, instantly blasting your clit with super intense air pulsations often just leads to desensitization, not orgasm.

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

I have found in the past that more intense air pulse toys numb me out too fast and lead to me not being able to orgasm at all, but the Dame Aer starts much more gently and allows for way more buildup. I tend to click through the settings of the Dame Aer relatively fast to settle on the fifth, most intense setting, but while the Dame Aer’s highest intensity is lower comparatively to, say, a Womanizer….it certainly still does the job. I’ve had many fully satisfying orgasms with the Dame Aer, and it’s also a perk that my clitoris is still like, conscious after the fact, instead of being so blasted so as to be out of commission for the next day or two.

Personally, I tend to use the Dame Aer as a “warm up” (that usually lasts 75% or so of the total masturbation session) and then if I really need something stronger to push me over the edge, I’ll swap in a stronger air pulse toy like the Womanizer Premium or We-Vibe Melt. Because the Dame Aer feels the best to me in terms of overall comfort, I tend to favor it over other air pulse toys simply because it’s more pleasant to place against my genitals for an extended period of time. Additionally, the Dame Aer is really fucking cute and I love to hold it, so those are contributing factors as well.

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

Final Thoughts on the Dame Aer:

The Dame Aer is a air pulse/suction toy with truly excellent design. There is so much thought evident behind every aspect of it—the smooth silicone, the ergonomic body of the toy, the simple buttons, the generous mouth—I love it. While it doesn’t boast as much raw strength compared to its main competitors (the Womanizer air pulse toys as well as the We-Vibe Melt), to me it offers the best overall user experience. By offering lower intensities that still get the job done, the Dame Aer is a good alternative to having your clit blasted into another dimension.

There are certainly times where I wish the Dame Aer had more power, but the superior level of comfort it offers in use makes it difficult to complain too much about the lack of strength. From start to finish, I l really, really enjoy using the Dame Aer. I would recommend it if you prefer lower intensity air pulse sensations, but particularly if you want an air pulse/suction toy with a more generous opening to encompass your clit. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Dame Aer has enough room to accommodate a truly “large” clitoris, such as one that has experienced growth on T, but it definitely fits my clitoris better than the other air pulse/suction toys I’ve tried. And it’s way comfier! Seriously, have I said “comfy” enough times in this review?

If you’d like to have a Dame Aer of your own, you can get one here from TheVibed! Thanks to TheVibed for letting me try this item out!

Dame Aer air pulse suction toy

Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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