Dame Pillo Review: Pillow for Sex

Dame Pillo Review: The “Pillow for Sex”

The phrase “sex pillow,” to me at least, isn’t one that initially inspires confidence. I know this is years of American sex-negativity leaking out of my brain, but the concept of a sex pillow still gives me the knee-jerk reaction of thinking “oh, this is skeezy” and also “oh, this is for straight people.” Because I am still submerged in my own internal biases, my partner was the one who pointed out the Dame Pillo and said “oh, I want that. Definitely try and get that one.” 

I wasn’t super confident that a sex pillow would be something I loved using during actual sex—partially because I still had that lingering aversion to the concept in the back of my head—but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have someone else make a decision for me. And, just like when my partner suggested I sample a salad I wouldn’t have normally ordered, they were right once again that,“oh! This is great! I DO like this!”

The Dame Pillo turned out to be fucking awesome, and I am now standing firmly in the camp of “everyone should own a sex pillow, actually.” 

Packaging and the Greatest Crime of the Dame Pillo:

The Dame Pillo arrived to me in a huge box—I guess realistically, it’s not “huge” so much as it is just “a box a standard size bed pillow could fit in,” but it was still a much bigger package than what I’m used to receiving. The last sentence was a deliberate sex joke, for clarity. I could personally do without the explicit imagery/language on the box—yes, I know it’s a sex pillow, but the box literally says “Pillow for sex” on it. If I were trying to maintain discretion, I would much rather have it simply say “Pillo” so that I could brush it off as being a yoga pillow or a back pain pillow of some kind.

Dame Pillo box

When I opened the Dame Pillo’s box, I was nearly knocked backwards by the SMELL trapped in the box. The Dame Pillo is made of polyurethane foam, and the foam stink is super overpowering. It’s that chemical smell associated with bed-in-a-box mattresses, memory foam pillows, pretty much foams in general. After a couple weeks, though, the smell is now mostly gone.

Dame Pillo

Aside from the foam insert, the Pillo is equipped with a white liner that zips directly around the foam and then a navy blue cotton outer pillowcase. The inside white liner is “100% polyester + TPU inner cover,” and is water resistant. Both the liner and the outer cotton cover can be easily removed and are machine washable. 

Dame Pillo

Dame Pillo

I really like that the outer pillowcase has two little handles sewn into the sides of it, as it makes holding, grabbing, and adjusting the Pillo super convenient. It’s also really easy to carry it from place to place using one of the handles, unlike regular pillows which are unflinchingly bulky. 

Dame Pillo

I also really appreciate the neutral color, and the overall unassuming design. If I happened to leave this pillow sitting out somewhere that a guest could happen upon it, they wouldn’t be inclined to think “oh, that’s a sex pillow.” It doesn’t look like a sex pillow so much as it looks like a general wedge pillow for yoga and/or joint pain. For many people, including myself, a sex pillow with a discrete design is a huge positive selling point.

Dame Pillo Performance:

I’m not a particularly athletic person. I lack a lot of strength, my dexterity isn’t much better, and on top of it all, I’m constantly plagued by aches and pains. My aches and pains were what I first turned to the Pillo for, actually.

Before having sex with the Pillo involved, I spent some time alone with the Pillo. I laid on top of it at all kinds of weird angles, crying out in ecstasy by myself because….IT CRACKED MY BACK!!!! 

I have constant back pain in the middle of my back where my bra strap rests, a curse of the big boobs I never once asked for, and this pain is often aggravated after a long work week or spending too much time on my feet in the kitchen. After a particularly stressful experience trying to make a peach crisp with unripe peaches, my back had reached its limit. Hopeful, I went to lay on the Pillo…and it cracked me. A PERFECT crack. Exactly where I needed it to crack. My god, I have never felt such ecstasy.

It’s also really good for stretching out my neck on, doing other back-stretching yoga poses on, and serving as a general “prop-up” pillow for sexy tasks like watching Netflix in bed and trying not to pass out before 10pm.

The Dame Pillo ACTUAL SEX Performance

Oh right, it’s a sex pillow, not just a back pain pillow. I had expected that the Dame Pillo would make sex better, but I wasn’t prepared for HOW MUCH better it would make sex. 

My partner had wanted to get the Pillo specifically for the sake of improving strap-on sex, and because recently my vagina hasn’t been able to tolerate being penetrated, I was the one who got the honor of wearing the harness. We went for the “missionary” angle, and from the moment I lined the dildo up to push it in, I was surprised by just how much easier it was already.

It’s embarrassing, but with strap-on sex, I’m usually more of a “two-pump chump.” Sex with a strap-on often involves a lot of abdominal and hip muscles that I don’t have, and without a supportive pillow, I don’t have the ability to rely on my other muscles as backup. With the Pillo, since my partner’s pelvis was raised up to be WAY MORE ACCESSIBLE, I was able to thrust like…in a propped up way. I was able to stabilize myself on my knees, I didn’t have to rely on my spaghetti arms to hold me aloft, and I had way more control over how I was able to move and thrust. I felt like I could actually go for more than ten minutes, which is an achievement I hadn’t been able to previously unlock. 

For my partner, on the receiving end, they said it felt way better for them, too. Having their hips elevated made things more comfortable, but also greatly improved the angle the dildo entered them. This made the dildo feel way better and result in a much improved overall experience. Angle really is everything, huh….

This is of course just one example, but the other configurations we tested the Pillo out in proved to be just as good. For almost every angle and position, the Pillo made things better. 

The Pillo even helped with regular ol’ fingering—I periodically struggle a lot with carpal tunnel, wrist pain and weakness, etc., and my right wrist (aka my sex hand) was in particularly bad shape from the aforementioned peach crisp I had been dealing with earlier. The Pillo, again, positioned my partner’s hips at a far better angle for me to enter them at and resulted in WAY less strain and fatigue for my wrist. Since my carpal tunnel and general pain problems rendered me effectively incapable of finger-fucking my partner for a good chunk of 2020, this is a huge deal for me.

Final Thoughts on the Dame Pillo:

The Dame Pillo offers neutral, subtle visuals, it does a splendid job of multitasking as a yoga pillow to stretch out my hell body and soothe my many aches and pains, and it makes sex way better in every way. By eliminating fatigue and fixing the problem of difficult angles, the Dame Pillo allows sex to last longer with more enjoyment and way less pain. Instead of cringing at the phrase “sex pillow,” I’m now yelling, “Yes! Yes! Get a sex pillow!”

If you’re still squeamish, maybe call it a “flex pillow” instead—after all, I think its ability to facilitate greater flexibility is, in short, its greatest strength.

You can pick up a Dame Pillo of your own here at TheVibed! Also, a huge thank you to TheVibed for giving me the opportunity to review this item!

Dame Pillo

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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