We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet

We-Vibe Touch X Review

The We-Vibe Touch X is a Wonderful Little Leaf

While I’ve had the privilege of reviewing both the original Tango as well as the Tango X from We-Vibe, I haven’t had the opportunity to sample We-Vibe’s other famous pint-sized vibrator offering, the Touch. Until now, of course. We-Vibe released the Touch X as an updated version of their much-beloved Touch original vibrator, and while I don’t have an original Touch to compare it to, the Touch X stands firmly on its own as an excellent vibrator. 

We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet

First Impressions:

The We-Vibe Touch X arrived in the sturdy, graphically delightful packaging I’ve come to associate with We-Vibe. Inside, the Touch X was packaged similarly to the other We-Vibe products I’ve received, and included a white silk storage pouch to store the Touch X and its charger.

Unboxing the We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet

I absolutely love the “Green Velvet” color I received the Touch X in, and I also really like the other Touch X option, a warm orangey-pink called “Crave Coral.” The Green Velvet Touch X is a beautiful reprieve from the pastel pinks and purples that have traditionally dominated the sex toy market, and adds a new dimension of color to my sex toy collection. 

My partner has nicknamed the Touch X “the leaf one” due to its rich green shade and its leaflike shape. I’ve read other reviews of the Touch X that compare its shape to a tongue, but I’m more inclined towards a “leaf” description. The Touch X feels smooth and honestly…soothing to hold? It’s just got a really nicely ergonomic shape. It fits easily in the palm of my hand, and the silicone outer body is very easy to grasp and keep hold of, even when slippery lube is involved.

Holding the We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet

My one criticism is that the Touch X loves to collect lint—however, this is more of a problem for a sex blogger like me who is trying to take aesthetic photographs when really, my strengths are in writing…not photography. For this review, as with all my other reviews, please forgive any lint and cat hair you may see in the photos, as I have not yet graduated to advanced photo editing yet. At least I can crop images!

Realistically, though, the lint doesn’t play a huge problem in actual use of the toy, so as long as you give it a quick rinse before using it (and of course clean it with a gentle soap and warm water after using it), you’ll be fine. The Touch X is a completely waterproof toy, so you can dunk it and splash it around as much as you like and it’ll be just fine.


Similar to the upgraded Tango X, the Touch X is designed with sleek, smooth flat magnetic charging panels that easily and firmly connect to the magnetic USB charger. While I don’t have an original Touch to compare the charging mechanism to, I can say confidently that the Touch X is very easy to charge and I experienced no difficulties with the magnets accidentally disconnecting. According to the toy’s instruction manual, it should take about 90 minutes for the Touch X to reach a full charge. 

Controls and Settings:

The controls for the We-Vibe Touch X are simple and intuitive, much like those on the updated Tango X. The Touch X has a “+” button and a “-“ button to control vibration intensity, and has a “~” button between the two to control pattern settings. Since I’m not a fan of patterns, I appreciate that the “~” is designed and placed in a way that makes it unlikely you’ll press it on accident. 

Holding the We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet, showing off the controls.

To turn the Touch X on, you press and hold the “+” button, and then keep it pressed down to push it up to maximum vibration intensity. There are 8 overall levels of vibration intensity, and you can cycle between them by clicking between the “+” and “-“ buttons. Holding down the “-“ button will turn the toy off. As mentioned above, pressing the “~” button allows you to cycle through the Touch X’s 7 pattern options, which are “pulse,” “wave,” “cha-cha,” “tease,” “tempo,” “heartbeat,” and simply “vibrate.”

One of the most-requested features on sex toys is frequently a travel lock feature, and the Touch X was sure to deliver this feature. To activate the travel lock on the Touch X, press and hold the “+” and “-“ for two seconds, after which the Touch X will pulse twice, indicating it has been locked. To unlock, press the buttons again in the same way. The travel lock is also deactivated when the toy is charged. 

While I think it’s great that the Touch X now has a multi-button control interface compared to the original Touch, the controls are unfortunately where the Touch X let me down. Because the buttons are made from the same silicone as the rest of the toy’s outer body, I often felt that when I was pressing the controls I was just cluelessly jamming my thumb into the silicone. This was both uncomfortable and left me confused as to whether or not I was successfully adjusting the setting I wanted to adjust. Because I have to press so hard into the silicone to push the buttons, I usually take the toy away from myself when changing the setting so that I don’t smash it down into my clit. This kind of breaks the mood, so to speak, and it’s unfortunate that the buttons on the Touch X are more difficult to press than the buttons on the Tango X. I understand it’s just a consequence of the toy’s all-silicone outer body design, but still…I really hate having to mash my thumbs into things, it feels bad.

We-Vibe Touch X Performance:

My partner tested the Touch X before I did, and it was practically an immediate 10/10 for them. The two of us have very different clitoral anatomies, and since their clit is more “buried” than mine, external toys are a lot more hit-or-miss for them. With the Touch X, though, they found that the pinpoint tip of it hit them in a spot just below their clit that other toys don’t usually reach or target, which was why they were so happy that the Touch X finally did. They enthusiastically praised the overall shape of the Touch X, because in combination with the vibration quality, it resulted in the Touch X pretty much becoming their new favorite vibrator that we have. Notably, they liked it a lot more than the Tango X, which is my favorite over here with my “outie” clit. 

So, as you are the best judge of your own clitoral anatomy, if you’ve been disappointed with traditional bullet vibrators, it could be that the Touch X might be a better option for you. The vibration quality of the Touch X is excellent, just as rumbly and powerful as We-Vibe’s other toy offerings, and the shape really gives those vibrations a unique dimension to shine in.

We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet

In my own experience, I found that my favorite thing about the We-Vibe Touch X is all the different angles its small, simple body allows you to use it at. There’s the pinpoint tip my partner liked, and there’s also the hollowed-out contour on its tip that provides a great layered, textured grinding experience. The ridges surrounding the indent of the contoured dip? Chef’s kiss. Love that.

The Touch X also offers a lot of flexibility to turn it around as much as you want, a perk of its all-silicone outer body. This allows you to take advantage of the different sensations different angles can offer—which can be the pinpoint tip, the side of the toy, the top of the toy (the opposite side of the contoured dip)—there’s a lot of possibilities. I also found that placing the Touch X between my junk and my partner’s leg really boosted one of my favorite ways to get off, aka…grinding one out on my partner’s leg. The flat design of it makes it really easy to integrate into many different partnered sex positions and individual masturbation styles.

Final Thoughts on the We-Vibe Touch X:

The We-Vibe Touch X is a new favorite in my household—my partner loved it, I really really enjoyed it, and both of us anticipate it seeing a lot of use in the future. The unique shape of the Touch X is truly what makes it stand out in a crowd, and its vibrations are solid and strong. I wish the buttons were a little easier to press, but aside from that, I think the Touch X is an excellent vibrator and I overall highly recommend it.

You can get a Touch X of your own directly from We-Vibe by clicking here! Thanks to We-Vibe for allowing me to try out the Touch X!

We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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