Womanizer DUO Review

Reviewing the Womanizer DUO:

After how overwhelmingly positive my experience with the Womanizer Premium was, I was highly optimistic that my experience with the Womanizer DUO was going to be similarly positive. Unfortunately, though…I wound up being severely disappointed. While the Womanizer DUO has rave reviews on the internet and incorporates the best of both Womanizer’s Air Pulse technology and We-Vibe’s vibrations, it just didn’t work for me. Anatomically, the toy literally didn’t line up the way I needed it to, making it a huge bust for me.

I’m particularly saddened because while it doesn’t work well for me, I can see so easily and so clearly all the ways that it SHOULD work…and yet…that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not compatible with me.

First Impressions:

The Womanizer DUO is Womanizer’s most expensive product offering, and the packaging doesn’t skimp. Like the Premium, the cardboard box it comes in is thick, well-designed, and solid. It doesn’t have the storybook style packaging that the Premium did, rather, it’s a slide-out design instead. I once again appreciate that Womanizer places safety seals on their boxes to provide customers with reassurance the toy hasn’t been tampered with.

Upon unboxing the luxe packaging the Womanizer DUO arrived in, I found the toy itself, a secondary interchangeable nozzle in an alternative size, a black charging cable with the Womanizer brand logo on it, a cloth storage pouch, and—my favorite—a bonus clitoris keychain. I love little knick-knacks, and I was honestly a little worried that since I was receiving a review copy that the keychain wouldn’t be included. Fortunately, it was, much to my delight.

The clitoris keychain matches the color of my Womanizer DUO (blueberry), but the toy is available in several other colors: blueberry, raspberry, black, and bordeaux. Like the colors for the Womanizer Premium, I think all of the options are really nice and really tasteful. While there’s still one pink option, the fact that black, blue, and red are also available is great in my opinion.

Controls and Charging:

Like the Womanizer Premium, the DUO is rechargeable and charges using a black Womanizer-branded USB cable. The Womanizer DUO isn’t quite as user-friendly in terms of charging as the Womanizer Premium, mainly because the light indicating the toy’s charge status is inside the suction nozzle. The shape of the toy also makes the charging prongs a little more awkward to connect, but the prongs do stay securely attached to the toy even if the placement is kind of awkward.

I think the placement of the on/off button is kind of awkward, and the button that seems like it would more intuitively be the on/off button is in reality the patterns button. When the toy is positioned so that the internal arm is pointing towards you, the patterns button is at the bottom, the “+/-“ buttons to adjust vibration intensity are right above the patterns button, and then the “+/-“ buttons to adjust air pulse intensity are above the vibrations button.

In total, the toy has 10 vibration patterns, 12 air pulse intensity levels, and 12 vibration intensity levels. The external air nozzle and internal arm can be controlled independently of each other, allowing you to choose to experience only vibrations or only external air pulse, if you wish.

Like the Womanizer Premium and the Wand by We-Vibe, the Womanizer DUO utilizes Smart Silence(TM) technology, meaning that the toy goes into standby mode whenever the nozzle isn’t in contact with skin. Because of the need to configure and adjust this toy rather particularly, I found that Smart Silence(TM) was more of a detriment and annoyance than a benefit. So, I turned off Smart Silence(TM) by holding down the “+” and “-“ air suction buttons for two seconds.


The Womanizer DUO is, of course, a Womanizer product, but it is important to note here that Womanizer is a sibling to We-Vibe, as both companies are owned by the parent company WOW-Tech. This is relevant because the internal arm utilizes We-Vibe technology to execute its vibrations, which, as you know from my past reviews, I’m a huge fan of.

Armed with the ability to control the internal arm and external air nozzle independently of each other, the first thing I did was turn off the Smart Silence(TM) feature so that I could use the internal arm’s vibrations without having to worry about keeping the external air nozzle in contact with skin (clitoral or otherwise). While I found the Smart Silence(TM) feature to be useful on the Womanizer Premium, I didn’t like it on the Womanizer DUO and preferred having full manual control over the toy using just the buttons.

I first used the internal arm as an external vibrator, allowing myself to have a bit of a warm up in addition to exploring the full creative range of possibilities the toy possesses. The internal arm’s vibrations were solid, and the silicone of the arm smooth. I would say they’re comparable in power to the We-Vibe Nova 2, and they have a good range of strength in addition to a solid, rumbly quality. I found that even just using the toy this way kind of worked, as the huge, bulbous base of the toy and well placed buttons made this toy easy to move, control, and hang on to. I will say, though—I’m right handed. The button placement felt very natural to me, but I realize that if I were right handed, the controls wouldn’t feel nearly as intuitive to me as my thumb would have to cramp up to press the “+” buttons, and would be naturally placed over the “-“ buttons instead.

Why the Womanizer DUO Didn’t Work for Me:

Things went downhill once the time came to insert the internal arm and start using this rabbit-style toy as intended. While the internal arm slid inside easily and did a good job at transmitting vibrations, I found that the external air nozzle was NOT where it needed to be.

I spent a lot of time working on aligning this toy. I usually masturbate in a dim or dark room, but for my testing of the Womanizer DUO, I turned the lights on, I used a handheld mirror to reference my positioning and angling, I did everything I could to try and get this toy to work. This is where I started to just feel really bad. I was worried that it was a situation like the Satisfyer Love Triangle where I was the one doing something wrong. But, the issue was simply that I couldn’t relocate my clitoris and move it somewhere else.

I have never thought very much about the placement or size of my clitoris, but I’ve been told by past partners that it’s pretty average. I don’t think the problem is that it’s overly large, as I asked a past partner if I had a big clit and they said that out of their sample size, again, I was pretty much dead-center average in terms of size. As a better measurement, the Womanizer Premium nozzle fit fine around my clit. The problem here isn’t necessarily the size of the nozzle, but the angle.

Coming At It from a Bad Angle:

As mentioned in many of my other blog posts, I’ve been experiencing issues with tearing during sexual activity. Basically, my taint has a bad habit of ripping like a paper bag—that is, where the bottom opening of my vagina meets my perineum. Finally, my skin there has been able to heal up, but it’s still very fragile and I have to be very cautious about harming that area with undue friction or pressure.

When I try to angle the external portion of the Womanizer DUO to be in contact with my clit, I have to angle it downwards—putting pressure on my taint. Whenever I slowly tried to angle the DUO to the position it needed to be, I could feel the prickle of pain begin and the warning sirens immediately started flashing in my head. When I tried to pull up my clitoral hood to try and draw my clit just a little bit higher upwards, I felt the same pain as my skin was tugged in a direction it didn’t want to go (from bottom to top, the whole vulvar region is connected, after all).

It was profoundly frustrating. When I allowed the DUO to rest naturally, with the internal arm placed comfortably within me, the external air nozzle didn’t comfortably surround my clit. Instead, it sat on my clitoral hood…RIGHT ABOVE my actual clit. My clit was able to receive some stimulation, as I tried in frustration to angle it correctly within the nozzle, but it simply wouldn’t line up correctly. I was able to orgasm on a couple of tries, but it was an extremely unreliable rate of orgasm. I spent more time being frustrated and treating my genitals like a science experiment or a construction project, which isn’t very arousing and also resulted in my clitoris getting too overstimulated to even agree to orgasm anymore. After most testing sessions, I just walked away with no orgasm to show for my efforts…only a feeling of frustration that I had wasted valuable free time I could’ve spent instead playing Pokemon Snap.

In addition to not lining up correctly with my clitoris, I felt like the internal arm didn’t really line up with my G-spot either. Due to the nature of the toy’s vibrations, I still certainly felt it vibrating, and it felt good. However, the stimulation felt much more general and far less targeted. With the placement of my G-spot, I think the toy’s internal arm would have to be able to remain in a more shallow position…although when I placed the internal arm in the way that felt best on my G-spot, the external air nozzle wound up completely removed from my clitoris.

Comparing the Womanizer DUO to the We-Vibe Nova 2:

As an additional comment on the internal arm, while the vibrations are good, they reminded me again of the We-Vibe Nova 2 in the sense that the internal arm’s vibrations get drowned out and lost when the external portion of the toy is on. I had to turn the internal arm of the DUO up to the highest setting just to feel something—again, I believe this is because the toy wasn’t able to be placed in the ideal position to reach my G-spot, and I instead had to rely on strong vibrations reverberating throughout my greater vagina and eventually reaching my G-spot.

The DUO was also similar to the Nova 2 in the sense that the pattern settings for the internal arm felt far more distinctive and noticeable than the standard vibration settings. However, the best part of the Nova 2 was the way its internal and external arms vibrated in sync with each other. I wasn’t able to evoke the same synchronized internal/external stimulation experience when using the DUO, sadly.

Orgasms with the Womanizer DUO:

When I was able to wrangle an orgasm out of the DUO, it was simply because this toy is fundamentally a powerhouse. The air pulse sensations are similar to the Womanizer Premium—very high quality, very powerful, just all around good. If the air pulse sensations had been any weaker, the design of this toy would’ve altogether prevented me from having an orgasm. It’s a testament to the DUO’s strength that I was still able to orgasm despite the air pulse nozzle’s haphazard, off-center interaction with my clitoris.

One of the main appeals of the DUO is its ability to provide hands-free orgasms, and I was able to experience a couple of these. I definitely get the appeal, and for anyone who wants a “set it and forget it” type of toy, the DUO would be a great option. It stays in place very well, even if for me it happens to stay in the wrong place. The only input one would theoretically have to put in is just adjusting the settings via the well-placed buttons. Other than that, the toy really does a great job of just…going on its own.

The orgasms this toy was able to deliver are the main reason I feel so sad and frustrated that the DUO doesn’t work with my anatomy. They’re truly all-encompassing, intense, powerful…it felt like someone reached their hand into my ribcage and grabbed my heart, at one point. While these were really powerful orgasms, they also quickly toppled over into the territory of overstimulating and painful as opposed to blissful. If it was able to still deliver really powerful orgasms under sub-optimal conditions, I can only imagine how great the orgasms would be if the toy fully lined up for me. 

While the Womanizer Premium delivers similarly intense external sensation on the clit, it’s much easier and faster to remove the Premium in a split second (a clit second?) compared to the DUO. The DUO has to be pulled out of me, whereas the Premium just needs to be pulled away from me. Sure, it’s only like a two second difference, but when one of your body parts feels like it’s sucked within the jaws of death, every millisecond counts.

Limitations of the Womanizer DUO and My Thoughts on Improvements:

Ultimately, setting my troubles about the Womanizer DUO not working with my anatomy aside, I think the thing that frustrates me the most about the DUO is the lack of options. Sure, you get the treat of hands-free orgasms. But you sacrifice all of your control. You lose the ability to fine-tune the external nozzle’s position on your clit. You lose the freedom to not only reposition the internal arm, but also the ability to thrust with it—truly tragic considering that thrusting is a favorite way to masturbate for many people.

It could be argued that traditional rabbit vibrators suffer from the same shortcomings, but a traditional rabbit vibrator doesn’t require on the same delicate placement that the external nozzle of the DUO does. At least with rabbit vibrators, you’re more likely to be able to get SOMETHING out of the external vibrations, even if they don’t position well against your clit. I’ve reviewed a rabbit vibrator that worked terribly with my anatomy before, but I would rather take my chances on a traditional vibrator than necessarily risk it with an air pulse style rabbit again. Sure, I’ll probably review more in the future—but that’s part of my role as a sex toy blogger and tester. If it were exclusively my money coming out of my wallet…I wouldn’t want to roll the dice and risk being disappointed with an air pulse rabbit that doesn’t fit my anatomy.

With a toy like the Womanizer DUO, financial concerns are especially justified, as the toy is $219. The toy is powerful enough and well designed enough that even though it didn’t fit me perfectly, I could still get SOMETHING out of it. But a toy that’s “just okay” isn’t a toy I would have been thrilled to spend $219 on. The Womanizer Premium is an expensive toy that I was genuinely delighted by and thrilled with, and I would consider that to be a much better investment as it’s more “foolproof” to me than the DUO.

The Womanizer Premium vs. the Womanizer DUO:

The Premium offers a versatility that the DUO doesn’t, and since the best part of the DUO is easily the Womanizer air pulse technology…I think it’s much better to just get an independent external Womanizer toy. With the DUO, the worst aspect of it is that the external stimulation completely relies on you simultaneously inserting the toy inside of you and how well everything ultimately lines up.

The DUO lets you use the internal arm independently, but you can’t benefit from the external air pulse sensation unless you simultaneously commit to the internal stimulation as well. For me, this is undesirable for several different reasons. Personally, since I can’t always tolerate penetration, the DUO isn’t a toy I can reliably use all the time, whereas the regular Womanizer Premium lets me enjoy external only stimulation. I like having choices and flexibility in general, and for $219, I don’t want an air pulse sex toy where I can only use it if certain conditions are met.

I really wish there was a way to somehow rotate the internal arm of the DUO to move it out of the way—this would make it a much more flexible toy and I think more than justify its price tag. This way, someone without the same problems as me would just have more personal options. For example, if someone was menstruating and didn’t want to bother with internal stimulation, they could just move the internal arm out of the way and go on to enjoy external only stimulation for that masturbation session. Then, they could go on to move it back for next time when they felt more interested in internal stimulation. This would be similarly beneficial for people who want to enjoy external air pulse stimulation with a partner during PIV sex, but obviously can’t do that if the internal arm is in the way.

Surely, the counterargument here is “well, if you want all those things just get the regular Womanizer” and like…yes, of course, that makes sense. But innovation is extremely appealing to customers, and making the toy more versatile would make way more people interested in buying it. We-Vibe—Womanizer’s sibling company—seized this opportunity when designing the remarkably innovative Nova and Nova 2, rabbit vibrators designed to be flexible and work with the user’s body. I loved the Nova 2 specifically because it offered this greater range of flexibility, and outside of my opinion the Nova and Nova 2 were immediately wildly popular and continue to top lists of “best sex toys” and other recommendation lists. I’m convinced that the basic technology is there—It’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to apply it.

Final Thoughts on the Womanizer DUO:

The Womanizer DUO didn’t work for me and my anatomy. Given the hefty $219 price tag, I would be hesitant to recommend this toy to someone else as I wouldn’t want them to run into the same problem I did. However, compared to the other reviews I’ve read, I am once again an anomaly. The other reviews I read of the Womanizer DUO praised it, and didn’t mention having any issues with the toy being ill-suited to their anatomy or not fitting correctly. Since every person is different, it is unfortunately my role to once again provide the dissenting opinion/dark rain cloud of disappointment to the sex toy review scene.

I’m particularly disappointed because I can see so clearly all the ways this toy would be really good if I could just adjust it to fit with my body a little bit better. Even in its current ill-fitting incarnation, it was still powerful enough to give me a super intense, overwhelming, rattling orgasm. I’m honestly frustrated as fuck that the toy doesn’t fit with my body the way it needs to, because I know that if it did, I would be able to experience an even better orgasm than the already intense one I had even under less than ideal circumstances.

The Womanizer DUO is design wise an amazing toy, but it would truly ascend to the next level in design and performance if Womanizer pulled some more of We-Vibe’s technology and found a way to make the DUO more flexible. In the way that the Nova 2 revolutionized the rabbit vibrator market, the already novel DUO would become even more of a game changer if it was just a little bit more flexible and adjustable.

While the Womanizer DUO didn’t work for me the way I hoped it would, I’m still very happy and thankful for having the opportunity to review it, courtesy of Womanizer and WOW-Tech.

If you’d like to purchase a Womanizer DUO of your own, click here!

Disclaimer: I received this toy in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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