Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo surrounded by Star Wars items

Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo Review

Reviewing the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo, or the “Yode Chode”

“Oh, what’s that one?” my partner asked me, pointing at the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo I was examining on my laptop screen.

“Uh, it’s the—“ I started to reply, but my partner swiftly interrupted me.

“It’s the Yode Chode, bro. You should get that one.”

That’s right, folks. Today, in celebration of Star Wars Day/“May the 4th Be With You” (and also with you), we’re reviewing the Yode Chode.

Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo resting next to a small R2D2 action figure

I’m Sorry, You’re Reviewing the What?

With a short, stubby body and a light green color scheme, the “Yode Chode” is a dildo that reasonably might resemble the theoretical, fictional penis of the Star Wars character Yoda. Although, it’s probably better to refer to it by its proper name—the Cocktails by Addiction dildo in the “Mint Mojito” variety.

Packaging for Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo

The Cocktails by Addiction line of silicone dildos is carried by BMS Factory, and available in four total colors: Mint Mojito, Peach Bellini, Blue Lagoon, and Purple Cosmo. Named after fruity alcoholic beverages, the branding goal for this line of toys was to inspire imagery of relaxing on a tropical island vacation. To push the theme even further, the box of this dildo is covered with pictures of those little paper umbrellas that go in fruity drinks.

Emotionally, I had the opportunity to imagine myself transported to a beach, laying under a palm tree and ideally eating my weight in coconut shrimp. But instead, thanks to my partner, I was instead sent to a galaxy far, far away…

It happens, I guess.

I do really like the branding theme for this toy, as I love fruity drinks and I appreciate when companies take neutral inspirations from things like alcoholic beverages instead of christening yet another dildo with some generic dude name. I also really like that this line of dildos took the leap to include some really unique color options. There aren’t enough green sex toys out there, and there aren’t as many orange or blue ones I would like, either. So, I’m toasting the line of Cocktails dildos for making this decision.

Official Specs:

To get to the “chode” part of the conversation, the Mint Mojito, or Yode Chode, stands as tall as it can next to a similarly short dildo in my collection, the Tantus They/Them. My partner loved the They/Them, and wanted to try another short, girthy dildo. The Mint Mojito is 5.5” long total, with 5.25” of usable length, and measures 1.3” inches at its thickest insertable point. As mentioned before, it’s made of 100% silicone. It also features a suction cup base, making it suitable for harness play, anal play, and any situation where you may want to mount this dildo to a flat surface.

First Impressions of the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo:

I knew this toy was going to be small when I ordered it, but when I actually received it I was surprised at just how tiny it really was. It was also a little more blue in person than I thought it would be after looking at the product images on multiple websites. It’s what I would describe as being closer to “teal” than a true “mint green.”

This toy is very inexpensive despite being a silicone toy, and you can immediately see where expenses were when you look at the base of the toy. The other dildos I have are (for the most part) quite a bit more expensive than the Mint Mojito, and they all have clean, smooth edges on their bases. The Mint Mojito’s base, meanwhile, looks like it was cut very hastily and sloppily, with rough, uneven edges. It’s as if a small child haphazardly took a pair of scissors to it and was like “yup, this is fine.” It’s still circular, but there’s no sense of a smooth or cohesive design.

Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo next to a Star Wars DVD

I also noticed immediately, as recorded in my notes: “this bitch loves lint.”

The Mint Mojito’s base, while flimsy and sloppy, makes it suitable for use in a strap-on harness as well as being safe for anal use. I don’t usually make use of the suction cup feature on dildos, but for the sake of this review I mounted it to the wall of my shower just to see how well it would hang on. I would say the suction cup is…pretty mediocre. It’ll hang on, sure, but I don’t think it would reliably stay in place if you started really going at it.

Squeezing the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo in my hand

Where Does the “Power Bullet” Come In?

So, all of the dildos in the Cocktails by Addiction line are advertised as including a bonus Power Bullet vibrator in the box. I wasn’t sure if this meant there was a hole in the dildo that a bullet was meant to be inserted into, or if the bullet vibrator was just a bonus for you to enjoy in whatever way you chose. When the dildo arrived to me, I found my answer:

The “Power Bullet” is (as I expected) a small, generic black plastic bullet powered by watch batteries. My partner doesn’t have any background experience with sex toys, as the first sex toys they ever interacted with were the ones we purchased together—which, admittedly, were on the higher end. The first vibrators my partner ever interacted with were the Fun Factory Tiger and the We-Vibe Tango and Rave—they never had to suffer through cheap, crappy bullets the way I did in my youth. So, delighted, I presented the aggressively buzzy Power Bullet to them and told them, “Here you go! This is what I had to put up with when I was younger! This is a learning experience for you!”

Unsurprisingly, they weren’t interested in having a fully fledged “learning experience.” The Power Bullet is controlled by a single push button at one end, and only has one setting. It’s easy to turn on and off, and while it is very buzzy, it’s at least moderately strong. Neither of us expect to use this bullet in the future, but it did entertain our cat for a few minutes as he watched it wriggle around within the confines of a cardboard box.

As another note, there is no hole on the Mint Mojito dildo to insert a bullet into, so it really is just a side item.

Shape and Texture:

The base of the Mint Mojito isn’t just sloppily cut—it’s also very flimsy. The thin material of the base is very difficult to keep any kind of grip on, and isn’t stable enough to use as a handhold of any kind. When holding this toy, I found that I either folded up the two sides of the base to use as a makeshift handle, or else just gripped around the lowest part of the shaft. Since this toy is so small, though, there isn’t much shaft to get a grip on in the first place.

The Mint Mojito has a somewhat pronounced head, and the details in its sculpting are quite defined and really stand out. The head has a distinct, realistic shape, and a pronounced little scoop towards the bottom of the head intended to provide additional stimulation. Beneath the head, there’s also a cluster of textured wrinkles meant to emulate a foreskin. Along the length of the toy’s shaft, there’s a thick ridge that feels like…oh, what’s the word…I would say “penis bone” but I know human beings don’t have those. Wikipedia is telling me the word for this is a “raphe,” but I have no way of truly knowing if this is correct. I’ve felt it on a real penis before, though. Anyway, it’s a pronounced ridge running through the center of the underside of the dildo.

Close up of the head on the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojitodildo

The Mint Mojito has a moderate amount of squish, but leans a little on the firmer side, especially in the head. The texture of it has a lot of realistic details—no bulging veins though, mostly just more subtle wrinkles. It’s a modest two fingers thick, and I think this is a good dildo for someone who doesn’t want a huge monster schlong as their very first starter dildo.

Performance of Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo:

Due to the shape, I didn’t expect this toy to deliver any G-spot stimulation. I was hoping, though, that the head would provide me with the “pop” sensation I’ve expressed my enthusiasm for in some of my past blog posts. Surprisingly, I was right about the “pop” sensation and wrong about the G-spot stimulation.

My partner tested this dildo out first, and reported to me that the head has an excellent pop, and because the overall length of the dildo is so short, it really stimulates the area of their vagina closest to the entrance where their G-spot is located. They also said that the head feels more pronounced and firm compared to some of the other dildos in our collection, and that the scooped shape of its head also contributed significantly to how good it felt overall.

While short, it’s quite a bit slimmer than the Tantus They/Them, making it less daunting to insert. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with vaginal pain and tearing lately, so I was thankful that the Mint Mojito was overall a dinky dildo. I found my experience to overall mirror that of my partner, and I was relieved to add such a small dildo to my collection after how much I’ve been struggling with painful penetration lately.

Cocktails by Addiction dildo in comparison to my thumb

Even once my penetration issues (hopefully) subside in the future, I still look forward to using this toy both as a warm up for larger dildos as well as a dildo that provides a unique variety of stimulation in its own right. I’m honestly a fan of teeny weenies, as I prefer having dildos I can reliably turn to all the time as opposed to dildos that are too commonly prohibitively large for me to really enjoy. The firm, highly sculpted head of the Mint Mojito really does feel great, and for both my partner and I, the Mint Mojito is certainly a drink we’ll be ordering again as part of our dildo rotation.

Cocktails by Addiction dildo held in my hand for perspective

Harness Performance:

The budget-friendly Mint Mojito was easy enough to place and position within the similarly budget-friendly harness I tested it out in (the Temptasia Harness Briefs by Blush Novelties). In this harness, though, it pointed almost straight downward, which may be a consequence of the harness as much as the dildo. The Mint Mojito, notably, has no curve of any kind and is a simple, straight dildo, so that may also be the reason for it taking a straight and narrow path, so to speak.

Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo in Blush Novelties Temptasia Briefs Harness

Because it’s so small, I don’t think this dildo is particularly well suited to harness activity, simply because strap-on sex usually benefits from a slightly longer dildo simply for the sake of logistics. Even just wearing it in a strap-on harness for the sake of hanging out felt awkward simply because of how much the toy insisted in hanging down—it was the emotional equivalent of waddling around in a baggy, worn-out pair of sweatpants. The dildo simply feels defeated when worn in a harness. For this reason, I don’t recommend this dildo for any kind of strap-on activities.

Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo in Blush Novelties Temptasia Briefs Harness

Final Thoughts on the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito Dildo:

The Yode Chode, better known as the Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo, is a small, inexpensive dildo available in several colors besides the green I selected. You can see where the costs were cut in the small details, such as the sloppy, flimsy base, and the “Power Bullet” the toy comes with ultimately isn’t really worth it to me due to its limited range of settings and buzzy feel.

For a cheap dildo, though, it performed very well and my partner in particular really enjoyed using it. The realistic sculpting of this dildo is mitigated by its simple, yet unique coloration, so that I can enjoy the feel of its pronounced, realistic head without being put off by an unappealing visual. This dildo is slim and short, but firm, meaning the distinctly scooped head of it provides excellent targeted stimulation and is overall highly enjoyable to use.

Cocktails by Addiction Mint Mojito dildo

You can order a Cocktails by Addiction dildo in Mint Mojito, Peach Bellini, Blue Lagoon, or Purple Cosmo from your dildo bartenders over at Betty’s Toy Box! Thanks so much to Betty’s Toy Box for giving me the opportunity to have a taste of this Mint Mojito “on the house”!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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  1. “Yode Chode” is an iconic name for a dildo, tbh.
    I love this color, though! I’m always happy to see more toys available in colors other than pink/purple/skin tones.

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