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A Rave Review of the We-Vibe Rave

Get Your JNCO Jeans and Kandi Bracelets, ‘Cause We’re Going to the Rave

I’ve put off writing a review of the We-Vibe Rave for a long time, simply because for some unknown reason my brain likes to tune out the existence of this vibrator. Perhaps it’s the dull, drab purple that causes it to look like a sad lump in my box of vibrators. Or, maybe it’s because the Rave is one of my older vibrators (having purchased it at the same time as my original Tango).

But every time I use the Rave, I’m overcome with appreciation for it. I start cursing myself for having neglected it, I berate myself for my foolishness in overlooking this vibrator, I splutter and gasp and thrust as it inevitably brings me to a squirting orgasm.

That’s right, the We-Vibe Rave is my go-to squirting toy. Even toys with a more solid reputation for inducing squirts, such as the Njoy Pure Wand, can’t make me squirt as reliably as the Rave can. Every time I use the Rave, the orgasms I experience are so fucking good, so fucking satisfying…and then I promptly forget how good the orgasms are and start the cycle of ignoring it all over again.

I’m not sure why I can’t get my shit together and remember to use this toy more often, but by writing this review, I’ll at least record a testament to how good of a vibrator the Rave is.

The strangely shaped We-Vibe Rave

Shape and Texture of the We-Vibe Rave:

The We-Vibe Rave is best known for its strange shape. It’s hard to describe in words, and it’s just as difficult to even take a picture of it because it looks so different from every angle. The toy distorts itself before your eyes with every tilt and turn of your hand. In use, this distortion is what’s responsible for the killer orgasms it brings. I don’t know how We-Vibe came up with the shape of this toy. I don’t know how they determined “yeah, make it this specific angle of weird lump,” but my god, does it WORK.

In use, the unique shape of the Rave means that even the slightest movement of your hand is amplified and dramatically intensified. A slight twist or turn of your hand translates into an incredible source of stimulation. I don’t go into using the Rave with any predetermined style or technique because just randomly moving it around inside me works profoundly fucking well.

I’m a big fan of firm toys for G-spot stimulation. While the Njoy Pure Wand is usually praised as the holy grail of firm, unrelenting G-spot stimulation, the We-Vibe Rave is NOT to be overlooked in this category. The Rave has a hard body encased in a thin layer of silicone, and I absolutely adore that this toy doesn’t bend, doesn’t give, doesn’t compromise an inch of itself.

The intense pressure of the Rave, combined with its excellent quality vibrations, are what make this toy SO good for fucking myself with. Sure, there are plenty of other G-spot vibrators that I enjoy (such as the Fun Factory Tiger, Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine, and Pillow Talk Sassy), but none of them provide that unyielding pressure that I love so much in the Rave.


Like my other We-Vibe toys, the Rave is rechargeable. Unlike my other We-Vibe toys, which utilize magnetic chargers, the Rave uses a DC USB charger. I’m in hell writing this review, because when I was trying to google what, specifically, the charger for the Rave was called, I looked up “DC charger” on a computer that requires adhering to strict “safe for work” guidelines and wound up on a distinctly NOT safe for work Amazon page.

Sure, it was just a standard “replacement DC charger” that was the off-label version of what the Rave probably uses, but since it came up on Amazon, it OF COURSE pulled up all the “recommended to buy with” options on the bottom. I panicked, typed in “dc charger CAR” instead to skew my search results and HOPEFULLY make it look like I was just stupid and clicked the wrong thing, but I am now wheezing and heaving in panic. I also cleared the history on the computer, as a backup measure, but my god. Truly, kill me.

Anyway, the Rave’s charger requires you to use the prong of it to poke through the silicone “skin” of the Rave and enter the charging port, which is kind of nerve wracking to do because I always feel like I’m going to damage the toy. This is just my fear, to clarify—the charging mechanism itself works fine. However, due to the way the Rave is designed to be charged, it is NOT waterproof. Instead, it’s only splashproof.

The Rave lasts for two hours on a single charge, and the manual says reaching a full charge takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours. I’ll address the full details of the app later, but for now I’d like to comment that my favorite thing about the app is that it indicates how much battery life is left on the Rave. Like, with a traditional % number. I love that, it’s really beneficial to be able to see just how much juice is left in a toy. Sure, the Rave also has a low power alert, but it’s just not the same as being able to see the actual % number (that’s why my phone is set to ALWAYS display battery percentage).


When writing this review, I actually had to return to We-Vibe’s website and download the user manual for the Rave again. Up until this point, I had kind of been mashing buttons until something eventually worked. The controls are easily my least favorite part of the Rave, as they are very difficult to differentiate between in use. When I’m using the Rave, it’s very common for me to intend to press the “plus” button to increase the intensity…only to accidentally press the center button and instead switch the Rave to one of its patterns. I also think the control buttons can be somewhat uncomfortable and difficult to press, and I feel like I have to apply quite a lot of force in order to operate the controls.

The CORRECT way to operate this toy, according to the manual, is to press the center button to turn it on (although I discovered that pressing any of the three buttons can turn it on?), and then using the “plus” and “minus” buttons to adjust intensity. To turn the Rave off, press and hold the center button. Pressing the center button also allows you to change the Rave’s pattern settings. There are 9 patterns in addition to the flat standard vibration setting. The vibration intensity of each pattern can be adjusted using the “plus” and “minus” buttons or by using the app.

I’d like to comment that in the 30 minutes or so I’ve spent directly fiddling with the Rave’s controls for this review, my thumb I’ve been pressing with is now sore. That should give an indication of how uncomfortable the controls are.

Close up of We-Vibe Rave control panel

App Controls:

I think the saving grace of the Rave’s unpleasant manual controls is the Rave’s ability to be used with the We-Connect app. In other reviews, I mostly read that people didn’t like to use the app because it’s annoying to have to touch a phone with lubey hands. I understand this. I also personally hate adding apps to my phone—I don’t even have the fucking YouTube app. I watch YouTube videos in my MOBILE BROWSER (on the rare occasion that I watch YouTube videos at all, I’m fundamentally not a video person).

But….I don’t have the We-Connect app on my phone. I have it on my iPad. I think this makes a big difference, as my tablet has a way bigger screen surface to work with and like…I just lay it flat beside me, I don’t hold it in my hand. I will say as a disclaimer, I usually just suffer through pressing the buttons manually on the Rave when I use it, but I think the app controls really take the Rave to its full potential and make the experience of controlling it much more user-friendly.

The main appeal of the We-Connect app is to allow someone else to control the toy long-distance by pairing the apps on your devices together…something something…I haven’t done this, so I’m not going to address it in my review. I only use the app to control the toy within like, an immediate radius, so…yeah.

The thing I like best about the app is that you can click one of the patterns on the screen, then quickly and easily adjust the intensity of the vibrations by sliding your finger up and down on the screen. It’s kind of hard to describe this in words, but doing it within the app itself is really intuitive and easy. It’s also convenient to be able to go to the patterns menu and quickly change to a different pattern just by tapping on it as opposed to having to press the center button on the toy manually and cycle through all the different patterns before eventually landing on the one you want.

The app also allows you to draw your own patterns, which…I don’t find to be super intuitive, I find that part to be clunky and I’ve never been able to draw a good pattern. Since I’m not the patterns type to begin with, this isn’t a huge deal for me. Mostly, I just like the Rave to remain on its standard steady vibration setting, and when I use the app, the greatest benefit is the ability to effortlessly adjust the vibration intensities through the app by simply sliding my finger up and down on the screen. Additionally, the ability to start/stop the Rave instantly from within the app is also super convenient.

The boomerang shaped We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe Rave Performance:

The We-Vibe Rave is just a really, really fucking good vibrator. Its main shortcomings are that the buttons aren’t very pleasant to use, and also that the vibrations travel throughout the whole body of the Rave and can make it kind of unpleasant to hold onto the toy since your hand gets rattled.

Those are the only real negatives I have. As mentioned above, I LOVE how firm the Rave is and how that translates into intense internal pressure on my G-spot. The unique asymmetrical shape of its…head? Top? Northernmost point? I dunno, the part that is meant to go inside and stimulate you has a weird shape that simply WORKS. The silicone is really smooth, which makes insertion easy, and yet it has just enough texture that it provides the slightest sense of tug on my G-spot in use, which—yes, I love it, thanks, fantastic.

In terms of vibration quality, the Rave delivers extremely powerful, extremely high quality rumbling vibrations that reliably result in really, really fucking good orgasms. My go-to method of using this toy (and squirting with it) is to spend some time solely on internal stimulation, gradually increasing the vibration intensity, and then once the time is right for me I then alternate between internal and external stimulation. By going back and forth between internal thrusting that slams my G-spot with vibrations and external clit stimulation that slams my clit with those same powerful vibrations, I can depend on the Rave to deliver a super powerful squirting orgasm…just about every time I use it.

Holding the We-Vibe Rave in my hand

What I Would Change:

Okay, so if the Rave connects easily to an app using Bluetooth or whatever…why not also give it the option to connect to a little remote control? We already know that We-Vibe has this technology, since we see it in their remote-controlled Moxie vibrator. So…why not compromise between the people who find the manual controls of the vibrator unpleasant (like me) and the people who dislike using a digital app to control the vibrator (popular opinion), and make a remote control option for the toy? Maybe that would take too much effort to do, but it’s merely a thought. If there was a remote control with large, easy to press buttons mirroring the small, difficult to press buttons on the body of the Rave, I’d be delighted.

This is probably a shot in the dark that would take too much money to realistically produce, and I understand that. But I can dream. Even if a remote control can’t be made, I would LOVE for the buttons to be redesigned to be easier to press. Please…please, they are so awful to press right now.

My second, less expensive suggestion, is WHY NOT MAKE THE RAVE IN A COLOR THAT’S MORE RAVE-LIKE?! I know that We-Vibe’s signature color is purple, but the drab purple of the Rave is one of the main reasons that I overlook it when seeking out a toy to masturbate with. We-Vibe’s other go-to color, the Aqua option used in the Moxie and on the attachments for the Wand by We-Vibe, is so much more bright and eye-catching. A toy named Rave should look exciting and make you want to get up dance, like you’re at an actual rave.

My ideal rave would be a nasty toxic neon green, since that’s one of the most iconic rave colors in my opinion, but I would be equally delighted with a neon orange or some form of electric blue. I know color is a petty thing for me to always complain about, but come on. It’s also one of the easiest adjustments to make to a sex toy—introducing a new color is a million times easier than (cough) designing a new remote (I say, making a dig at myself).

Final Thoughts on the We-Vibe Rave:

The We-Vibe Rave deserves way more attention than I give it on a regular basis. Whenever I get around to using it, I always think to myself—holy shit, this vibrator is amazing. Holy SHIT, this is amazing. Oh my god, I have to remember to use this more often.

And then I never do!

The Rave is a really great multipurpose vibrator—it excels at internal G-spot stimulation as well as simply providing external clitoral stimulation. The vibrations are rich, deep, and POWERFUL. Whenever I use the Rave, I’m never disappointed by the incredible orgasms I have as a result of its incredibly strong, rumbly vibrations. The Rave is my go-to toy for squirting, and I feel satisfied in every single way after a masturbation session with the Rave ends. Even if I forget about it sometimes due to its less than vivid color, the Rave’s firm texture and strong vibrations never fail to remind me of just how good it is.

You can pick up a We-Vibe Rave of your own at Betty’s Toy Box, LoveHoney, SheVibe, ShopEnby, Spectrum Boutique, or directly from We-Vibe!

At Betty’s Toy Box and ShopEnby, entering the code IZZY will also get you 10% off!

Disclaimer: I purchased the We-Vibe Rave with my own money. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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