Fun Factory Tiger G5 with two glowing light sticks

Fun Factory Tiger G5 Review: This Tiger Will Make You Rawr AND XD

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 (AKA The Hatsune Miku Vibrator)

How the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Came Roaring Into Our Lives:

When my partner and I were making our first big joint sex toy purchase together, we had three main goals. We would pick out a strap-on harness, we would each pick out a dildo to go with the strap-on, and finally, we would treat ourselves and splurge on an expensive, high-end vibrator with the hope of orgasming so hard that we would blast ourselves into another dimension. While browsing different vibrators and compiling a collaborative wishlist, there was one vibrator that immediately jumped out at both of us: The Fun Factory Tiger G5.

It had everything we were looking for: powerful, rumbly vibrations; a shape designed to target the g-spot; a non-phallic design; and visual appeal. Personally, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I perceived as a remarkable visual similarity between the Fun Factory Tiger and digital pop star Hatsune Miku.

Fun Factory G5 Tiger next to a Hatsune Miku comic book
The resemblance, in my opinion, is so striking that my partner and I exclusively refer to the Tiger as “Miku” in conversation.

Initially, there were several contenders for “our first high-end vibrator,” including the We-Vibe Tango, the We-Vibe Rave, and the Magic Wand Rechargeable, all of which we went on to purchase later on, staggered out over the course of 2020. But for both me and my partner, the vibrator that captivated us, that sucked in our attention as soon as we saw it…was the Fun Factory Tiger G5.

We couldn’t tear our eyes away from it, and couldn’t bring ourselves to stop thinking about it. While the price was a huge hang up and something we agonized over for days, we ultimately came to the conclusion that if we didn’t get the Tiger now, we knew we would regret it later.

This vibrator is special in so many ways. Not only do I have an emotional fondness for it as “our first vibrator,” but its design and performance also stand out from many other vibrators on the market. The Fun Factory Hatsune Miku—I mean, Tiger—really steals the show.

Fun Factory Tiger G5 with Hatsune Miku figure and two glowing light sticks
They are performing together…


Focusing on the visual elements first, I have to express how much I love Fun Factory’s brand aesthetic. Colorful, modern, simple design is a staple of Fun Factory’s overall design concept, and I greatly appreciate this.

The packaging of the Tiger didn’t try to sell me any hot sexy bodies, it didn’t look tacky, it was just a box with a picture of the vibrator on it. Thanks for telling me exactly what I need to know—that this is a vibrator.

I don’t need to see a sexy woman on your packaging to suggest to me that I will Animorph into a sexy woman after using this vibrator. I already know that after having sex/masturbating I will immediately scuttle into the kitchen, ass out, and shove a cookie in my mouth. I know who I am. Just show me the vibrator and leave it at that. 


Construction-wise, the looped handle was a huge draw for my partner and I when purchasing this vibrator. I had been experiencing a lot of wrist pain and weakness leading up to this purchase, and the accessible looped handle makes using the Tiger on myself and my partner so much easier.

In use, the handle is easy to hold and feels exceptionally sturdy. The looped handle also makes cleaning the Tiger easier, as we’ve found it’s easy to hang it off of our over-the-door bathroom towel rack. The design of the Tiger is sleek, colorful, and modern. My partner and I were extremely appreciative of the fact that it was available in bright, bold (Hatsune Miku) blue as opposed to yet another shade of pink or purple. 

Fun Factory Tiger G5 in hand for scale.


Fun Factory’s attention to subtly ergonomic design elements is clear throughout the Tiger’s construction. The plastic control buttons are positioned in a way that feels very natural, and the controls themselves are highly responsive and easy to press. Additionally, the control buttons remain backlit whenever the Tiger is on, which I find really convenient as someone who tends to have sex in the dark a lot.

For travel or other situations where you don’t want your vibrator roaring to life unexpectedly, the Tiger also has a travel lock feature, activated by simply holding down the “-“ and “power on/off” button for a half second. Deactivating the travel lock is done by pressing the “+“ and “power on/off button.” The labeling of the controls is obvious, simple, and feels…well, fun. The design is bright and poppy, and the raised bubble shape of the buttons makes the controls super ergonomic.


The power on/off button is a miniature version of Fun Factory’s logo, and its logo’s signature bold red color scheme is echoed in the Tiger’s magnetic charging cable. This charging cable is a universal design by Fun Factory, and is compatible with all other Fun Factory rechargeable sex toys. The cable is bright red, causing it to stand out among all the other cords in my sex toy box (and power strip) and making it really easy to identify.

To charge the Tiger, simply let the charging cable’s pronged end magnetically attract to the charging prongs found on the bottom of the Tiger’s handle. This charging method is what allows the Tiger to be completely waterproof, making it safe to use in a submerged bathtub, in a shower, or wherever else you’d like to dunk your dildo. 

Key Features:

Total length: 8.5”
Insertable length: 6”
Width: 1.6”
Anal Safe: Yes
Travel Lock
Fully waterproof
Made of silicone and ABS plastic
Utilizes magnetic charger

Shape and Texture:

The main body of the Tiger is slightly curved, and is made of a thick silicone. The Tiger’s silicone is firm enough to deliver a filling experience, but still comfortably squishy enough to allow for ease of use. The body is flexible and can be bent with ease, making it accommodating to however you may want to manipulate it while in use.

From the main body, there is a protruding nub that allows the Tiger to be safe for anal use. The nub also offers the opportunity to provide external clitoral or perineal stimulation in combination with internal stimulation. Since this is dependent on the user’s anatomy, how effective the nub is varies from person to person, but for me personally it works well at providing simultaneous internal/external stimulation.

The Tiger’s silicone body has thick raised ridges of texture starting at the tip and moving all the way down the shaft, encompassing the nub as well. When I run my finger down the body of the Tiger, there are audible sounds as it slides over these ridges. I would compare it to the sound of running your fingers over a row of thick rubber bands, although the texture is much more pleasant.

How the Fun Factory Tiger Feels In Use:

I absolutely love how this vibrator feels both internally and externally. Even without the assistance of the motor’s powerful vibrations, it’s still an enjoyable experience to use it as a simple non-vibrating dildo. The handle makes inserting it within yourself or a partner extremely easy and convenient, and the slightly tip facilitates easy insertion without sacrificing anything in terms of feeling sufficiently filled up. The controls are intuitive and easy to press, and the fact that they light up makes them even more user-friendly.

Right away, the ridges of the Tiger make themselves known, and while they are prominent, the texture of the silicone is cushioned enough that the pronounced texture feels pleasurable, not irritating or abrasive. When using other textured insertable sex toys, I’ve found that sometimes they feel too abrasive and can ultimately like my insides are being scraped. I’m pleased to say the Tiger does not suffer from this problem.

The Tiger’s silicone really is best described as cushy, and I love it. The textured ridges of the Tiger also encompass its external nub, meaning that the nub is able to deliver textured stimulation to my clit. I enjoy this a LOT when paired with the Tiger’s vibrations. 

Fun Factory Tiger G5 with some cool light effects


When turned on and vibrating, the Tiger does an excellent job at distributing vibrations from the centrally-located motor throughout its shaft. The nub’s shape, in my experience, is excellent at transmitting vibrations due to its tapered design. While the design of the Tiger won’t work with everyone’s anatomy, my clitoral placement allows for me to easily enjoy simultaneous external/internal stimulation from the Tiger.

Continuing on the subject of vibrations, the Tiger offers 6 different intensity settings. When powered on, it initially starts on the 3rd intensity setting. Admittedly, I don’t typically use the first two settings. The Tiger is not typically a vibrator I use to warm up with, and so by the time I’m reaching for it, I’m not interested in the weaker warm-up settings.

However, if you prefer less intense stimulation at any time for any reason, the first two settings are available as a less intense vibration option. This makes the Tiger suitable for people who don’t necessarily want teeth-rattling vibration. 

Vibration Quality:

At every setting, the Tiger emits high quality, deep, rumbling vibrations. To provide a non-sexual example of what these vibrations feel like, when I hold a less rumbly, more buzzy vibrator in my hand, the vibrations remain concentrated in my hand. With the Tiger, the vibrations travel through my hand and extend into my wrist and even down to the middle of my forearm.

The rumbly nature of its vibrations means that they rattle you to the core, not just on a surface level. In a sexual context, this provides for a much more complex, satisfying orgasm as the vibrations extend to the internal clitoral structures. The higher the intensity setting, the deeper and further the vibrations travel.

At its max intensity setting, when I’m holding the Tiger in my hand I can feel it rumbling throughout my entire forearm. Despite its incredibly powerful vibrations, this vibrator doesn’t rattle the room with annoying, distracting noise. I consider it to be a very quiet vibrator, especially in context with how strong it is.


The Tiger also offers six pattern settings. I’m not the type of person who typically enjoys patterns in a vibrator, but there are a couple on the Tiger that I would consider utilizing. I think all of the patterns on the Tiger are creative and well designed. They all seem realistically likely to make someone have an orgasm, as opposed to patterns that seem like they were designed by just randomly throwing darts at a wall.

Here are my approximations of the Tiger’s patterns:
Pattern one: A steady, cresting wave
Pattern 2: A more rapidly paced wave
Pattern 3: Steady pulsating
Pattern 4: Rapid pulsating
Pattern 5: Standard vibration interspersed with rapid pulsating
Pattern 6: Rapid, high intensity pulsating alternating with lower intensity rapid pulsating

Ominous, dramatic picture of the Tiger G with two glow sticks


The texture of the Tiger’s silicone is the only real complaint I have regarding this vibrator. While it’s enjoyable in use, it requires a lot of lube as well as frequent reapplication of lube in use due to the way its silicone sucks up lube.

The Tiger’s silicone is VERY prone to collecting lint, dust, cat hair, you name it. My advice is, don’t put this dildo down on your bed sheet while using it unless you want every single hair that has ever fallen out of your head or your cat’s body to enter your vagina or anus.

I truly have no idea how this toy attracts so much lint.

Maybe because it’s named the Tiger, it’s trying to return to its roots…by collecting on its surface all of the cat hair that has ever existed in my home. 

Price Concerns: The Fun Factory Tiger as a Luxury Vibrator

I think the term “luxury vibrator” sounds ridiculous and evokes imagery of fake gold and tacky jewel accents, so I prefer not to use it. But realistically, Fun Factory’s offerings are best described as “luxury sex toys” due to their high price point and equally high quality of materials and design.

The price point for their products, in my opinion, is definitely worth it. The materials are of superior quality, the visual design is clearly well thought out, and every inch of engineering involved in the Tiger speaks to expertise and an optimized user experience. It’s powerful, it’s body safe, the controls are awesome, and the materials are durable. I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth with this vibrator.

Fun Factory is a brand that is committed to innovation in design and creating really good sex toys…and they create really good, I mean REALLY good sex toys. I love the Tiger, my only complaint about it aside from its lint-collecting tendencies is its price. 

But…at a whopping $140, the Tiger is no casual investment. My partner and I splurged on this vibrator, but neither of us have any buyer’s regret and I definitely think it was worth it. However…$140 is a LOT of fucking money. A few years ago, there’s no way I would have been able to justify spending that much money on a sex toy. 

The Fun Factory Tiger vs. the Satisfier Yummy Sunshine:

Because of the world we live in, innovative companies like Fun Factory are prone to getting their designs copied. The company Satisfyer, a more budget-friendly brand, has ripped off…pretty much all of Fun Factory’s most popular vibrator designs. While blatant copying does suck, it’s also true that the original Tiger is really expensive, especially for someone who doesn’t want to drop a huge amount of money on a sex toy without even being sure if they’ll actually like it. 

So…I took one for the team and bought Satisfyer’s knock-off version of the Tiger, the Yummy Sunshine.

Related to this post, I’ve written a review of the Sunshine itself, a critique of Satisfyer’s overall marketing, and well as a full head-to-head comparison of the Tiger and the Sunshine breaking down each difference between them. So…check those out! 

Fun Factory G5 Tiger on galaxy fabric with some cool lighting effects

Final Thoughts on the Fun Factory G5 Tiger:

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 feels amazing and is a masterpiece of engineering. It’s a visual and ergonomic delight, the texture feels awesome, and the vibrations are intensely, incredibly powerful. This toy is fantastic, but it’s unfortunately very expensive.

You can get a Tiger of your own at the following places in the following colors:

A blue Fun Factory Tiger at SheVibe!

A black Fun Factory Tiger at ShopEnby and Spectrum Boutique!

And finally, a purple Fun Factory Tiger at LoveHoney!

Disclaimer: I splurged and purchased the Fun Factory Tiger G5 with my own money. Affiliate links have been used in this post.



  1. This was a thorough review! It was really well done, and I LOVE your photos omg. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Fun Factory toy but they really do good work…and their silicone is pretty consistently just. Like that.

    Yeah even as someone who loves the Yummy Sunshine on its own merits, it seems like a pretty shitty dupe of the Tiger. The texture is nonexistent. I’m looking forward to seeing you tear apart their marketing though. 😀

    1. Thank you! The photos for this one were super fun I only wish I had MORE MIKU STUFF to further push my opinion lol.

      The Sunshine is definitely not a great dupe in terms of direct imitation of the Tiger but I also really like the Sunshine in its own right! Just…Satisfyer I see you guys…you are not subtle in copying all these key design elements

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