SpareParts Joque harness laying flat on a silver sheet.

SpareParts Joque Harness Review

Review: SpareParts Joque Harness

When my partner and I decided to invest in a strap-on harness, we wanted the best harness we could possibly get. As I explain in my two previous posts, I have a lot of emotional baggage connected to strap-ons, and I didn’t want to endure yet another negative experience. When doing our research, one harness kept popping up as a recommendation: the SpareParts Joque.

The  Joque  is one of the most praised harnesses out there, and I am here to provide yet another positive review for it. This harness is exceptionally comfortable, versatile, and gender-affirming. In short, it’s absolutely everything I wanted in a strap-on harness, and every time we use it I think of how glad I am that we purchased it.

Front view of SpareParts Joque harness.
Front view of the Joque.


The best thing I can compare the SpareParts Joque harness to is swimwear or athletic wear. It’s constructed from the same materials that swimwear is made out of, meaning it dries quickly and doesn’t retain moisture. Even after a lube-heavy session of strap on sex, with sweat and other bodily fluids of course involved as well, the Joque remains dry.

Side view of SpareParts Joque harness.
Side view of the Joque.

I don’t mean to say that the harness never absorbs ANY moisture at all. The point is just that because the material is designed to resist moisture, the harness isn’t dripping wet, clammy, or soggy after being used. It doesn’t chafe or feel uncomfortable at any point, either. The stitching all feels durable and well-enforced. Nothing about this harness feels cheap or flimsy—it was clearly constructed to last a long time.

As a bonus, the Joque  is machine washable, and super easy to care for. Just put it in a delicates bag, stick it in the washing machine on cold, and hang it to dry. Voila! Easy as can be. Convenient and simple. It also has a drawstring mesh storage bag to put it in when you’re not using it, which is also a nice touch. Again, very sporty.

Storage pouch for SpareParts Joque Harness.
Storage pouch for the Joque.


There are two sizes available for the Joque harness:  size A, which suits waists from 20” to 50” , and  size B, which suits waists from 35” to 65”.  My partner and I are relatively similar in size, with a difference of 10 pounds and 2 inches between us, so we share a size A. The Joque is extremely easy to adjust, and the combination of Velcro and adjustable neoprene straps makes it quick and simple to modify how loose or tight the harness fits, even when you’re adjusting it in the middle of sex. 

Velcro adjustment strap for SpareParts Joque harness.

My partner and I will often switch off on who’s wearing the strap mid-intercourse, and the Joque makes this super easy to do. It’s as simple as pulling the harness down like a regular pair of underwear, having the other person step into the harness and pull it up, and then making a quick tightening or loosening by repositioning the Velcro or making a quick tug on a strap. It’s easy and intuitive, and it doesn’t make you waste any time fumbling around in frustration. 

Adjusting the SpareParts Joque harness


Everything about the SpareParts Joque harness is designed to prioritize utility and comfort. The stretchy O-ring can accommodate a wide range of dildo sizes, and holds them securely in place during sex. There are two flaps of fabric that cloak the base of the dildo after it’s been inserted into the O-ring, meaning that the base of the dildo does not sit directly on your body. This is a super smart design consideration, because it means that your skin is protected from the irritation (and pube-tugging) that can happen when using a strap-on harness that rests the dildo base directly on the pubic mound. Instead, your pubic mound is protected by soft, silky fabric that still allows you to feel sensation during sex. 

Internal view of SpareParts Joque harness.
Inside view of the Joque.

Aside from the protective fabric, the Joque also has two internal fabric pockets to allow for integration of a bullet vibrator into strap-on sex. The placement of the pockets allows you to stow a bullet either directly above or directly below the O-ring, based on your preference. The Joque  also has an open bottom, allowing the person wearing the Joque to still be touched and stimulated. I personally don’t take advantage of this, as I prefer to wear the Joque on top of boxer briefs for gender reasons, but the option is there if you’re interested.

Demonstrating placement of SpareParts Joque harness bullet pockets by placing a finger in both the top and bottom pockets.
The Joque’s two bullet pockets.


My favorite part of the  Joque  harness is, by far, the jock-strap design itself. I absolutely hated the cheap thong-style strap-on harness I encountered in my younger years. The material rode up my butt crack, was sweaty and uncomfortable, and made me feel miserably gender dysphoric. I remember my ultimate solution back then was to try and half-ass how I wore the strap so that I wasn’t really even completely wearing it, which saved my butt crack but greatly sacrificed the feeble control those harnesses provided in the first place.

Rear view of SpareParts Joque harness
Rear view of the Joque.

With the Joque, my butt crack is free from torment, and the control is excellent. The harness stays in place and feels sturdy, giving me full control over what I want to do with the dildo strapped into it. It feels natural and easy, and the design doesn’t pinch or tug on any of my skin or body hair. 


The Joque is, overall, comfy as fuck. When I was taking the pictures for this blog post, after I was finished I just sat on the couch in the harness and hung out for a while. I never would have done that in any of the strap-on harnesses I had tried before. They dug in to my skin, pinched and tugged, and felt uncomfortable in every possible aspect.

The SpareParts Joque harness, though?

The Joque is as comfortable as a pair of sweatpants. It’s flexible and moves easily to whatever motion your body takes, and whatever pose you find yourself in. I could fall asleep wearing this harness easier than I could fall asleep in a pair of my jeans—and my jeans are jeggings. They’re not even real jeans. Still, the Joque is comfier. The waistband doesn’t dig in to my skin, or rub or pinch at any point. It just feels like a regular pair of athletic bottoms. 

We-Vibe Tango bullet in SpareParts Joque bullet pocket.
But yknow, athletic bottoms don’t have a bullet pocket, soooo….

I can’t run a mile, but someone in better shape than me could certainly run a mile, do a backflip, or even do a whole gymnastics routine in this harness with no problem.

For me, the problem would be that I am extremely out of shape and I would most likely throw up, cry, pull a muscle, and break my ass. But, the Joque  certainly would not be the reason for any of these problems.


In terms of gender expression, as mentioned above, I prefer to leave my underwear on when using this harness. That being said, though, the harness itself doesn’t make my gender identity feel suppressed or compromised at any point. I don’t feel sexy wearing this harness but…I don’t feel sexy ever, so I think that’s besides the point.

What I do feel while wearing this harness is confident. I don’t feel like a fool wearing a thong, or like I’m out of place wearing something feminine. I feel like I’m wearing a team uniform for a sporting event. It’s minimalistic, it’s performance-driven, and it gets the job done. I don’t have to think about what I look like with the harness on because the harness itself is so unassuming.

And I like that!

It’s exactly what I wanted in a harness—a harness I don’t have to think about because I can feel that it’s performing the way it needs to be during sex. When I’m wearing this harness, I know that I can confidently wield a dildo and I can aim it wherever I want. I enter a state of being fucking unstoppable when I’m equipped with the Joque. 

…I actually don’t, because it turns out that thrusting a dildo requires a ton of lower body strength that I absolutely do not have, but this isn’t the harness’s fault.

The Joque motivates me to want to get in better shape so that I can use it more, because using this harness truly does feel fucking fantastic. 


The SpareParts Joque harness is expensive. There’s no getting around that fact. But my running shoes were also kind of expensive, and they’re comfy as fuck and they’ve lasted through a bunch of outdoors activities. The Joque  is similarly comfy as fuck and will last you through a ton of sex activities in your future. I don’t think I’m going to need to replace my Joque anytime soon, because it’s so durable and I’m so happy with it.

The other strap-on harnesses I tried in the past felt like trying to take a hike while wearing stiletto high heels—they sucked, they were uncomfortable, they were physically unfit for the job, and they sent me into a spiraling torture of gender dysphoria hell. Not to mention, by the time I wasted as much money as I did trying out cheaper, shittier harnesses, I could’ve just purchased a Joque from the get-go and had no problems at all. 


If you’re in the market for a strap-on harness, I cannot recommend the  Joque enough. It’s extremely comfortable, delivers excellent performance, has fantastic construction, and provides a versatile fit for people and dildos of many different sizes. Whether you’re a strap-on pro or you’re looking for your very first harness, the Joque is an excellent choice. 

You can buy it here at ShopEnby (in both sizes).

You can also buy it at Betty’s Toy Box: (size A) (size B).

As a third option, you can buy it here at SheVibe.

SpareParts Joque harness laying flat on a silver sheet.

Disclaimer: I purchased the SpareParts Joque harness with my own money. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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