Tantus Curve resting on its side with a green and purple plant in the background.

Tantus Curve Review: A Solid Starter Dildo

Tantus Curve Review: A Solid Starter Dildo

Tantus Curve against a vibrant plant background

If you’re looking for the quick, abridged version of what’s about to be a relatively lengthy review (because I don’t know when to shut up), the Tantus Curve is the Toyota Corolla of dildos. You can rely on it, it’s affordable, and it’ll meet the needs of a wide range of people.

You can use this dildo vaginally, anally, and in a harness. Most importantly, it’s made of body-safe silicone, so you know you’re not going to harm yourself with a sex toy made of toxic material. The Tantus Curve’s moderate size makes it easy to use, and its ridged texture is pleasant without being overwhelming.

It’s not the most exciting dildo, but is a Toyota Corolla the most exciting car?

Of course not!

But it IS reliable and safe.

When you’re selecting a car or a dildo on a budget, “reliable, affordable, and safe” are arguably a lot more important than anything else.

Anyway, on to the review!

Tantus Curve dildo driving a Toyota Corolla

Why My Partner and I Chose the Tantus Curve as Our First Dildo:

When embarking on our first joint sex toy purchase, my partner and I decided to pick we would each pick out a dildo of our own choosing. We had determined we were going to try out strap on play, and our reasoning was that we would each pick out a dildo we wanted to be penetrated with.

That way, if we both picked out something that spoke to us and that we enjoyed, neither of us would really have to compromise. Given the nature of strap-ons, it could be more of a “buffet” scenario instead of a “begrudgingly eating something you weren’t in the mood for off your date’s plate” situation.

What We Were Looking For:

Our parameters were simple: we were trying to find something that was of a safe material, had a modest price point, didn’t look like a real penis, would be stable in a strap-on harness, and hospitable to vaginas that weren’t used to taking anything more than fingers on a regular basis. Most importantly, we just wanted something that would provide an overall enjoyable experience.

Steered by positive reviews and a budget conscious mindset, my partner decided on the Tantus Curve as their dildo of choice. Normally, the Curve retails for $60 to $70, but Tantus products regularly go on sale. If I remember correctly, I think we only paid around $40 for it.

It’s a good dildo, I just think that it’s…overall, not a very exciting dildo. Since getting it, it’s been the least used dildo in our modest collection. I’ve found I much prefer the (admittedly much more expensive) Vixen Creations Mustang that I picked out as my dildo of choice for our initial purchase. Meanwhile, my partner has found their favorite dildo is the Tantus They/Them, which is similarly priced to the Curve.

Comparison picture of Tantus They Them, Tantus Curve, and Vixen Creations Mustang.
Comparison picture: from left to right, Tantus They/Them, Tantus Curve, and Vixen Creations Mustang.


So, while I regrettably don’t have any pictures to share of the Tantus when it arrived to me in its original packaging, I have to emphasize just how much I love Tantus’s packaging overall. I hate packaging that’s too explicitly “sexy” (aka heteronormative and objectifying), so I really appreciated the simplicity of the Curve’s white box, which was punctuated with bright, colorful circles.

The Curve itself was featured inside a plastic clamshell within the frame of the cardboard, which reminded me a lot—a LOT—of my prized collection of anime girl figures and the various boxes they came in. The packaging is fun, colorful, and minimalist–three things I love in sex toy packaging.

The Curve’s packaging makes it look like a cute collectible won from a crane game at an arcade. If I left this completely sealed in its case, I honestly don’t think it would look out of place in my display cabinet next to all my other anime girl figures.

What anime is the Tantus Curve from? The box has me dying to know…

First Impressions:

Well, if we’re talking about rating the Tantus Curve like I rate anime series, I would rate it as a solid 7/10. It’s the anime that’s been given consistently good reviews, a lot of people are cosplaying from it, there’s memes of it all over the internet…and yet, I just personally cannot get into it.

To me, it’s just…boring.

This dildo does everything it’s supposed to. It’s made from safe, high quality material, the overall visual of it is tasteful, the color is pleasant enough to look at. The base of it is stable enough that it can sit upright on a flat surface, although it does not have a suction cup and will tip over if you bump it. The Tantus Curve is equally sturdy when rigged inside a harness.

The texture isn’t a huge lint magnet, and it feels smooth with a solid, comfortable weight when holding it. In my experience, it doesn’t hit too deep, it isn’t a painful stretch to get it in, it doesn’t bump up against any weird angles. The mild ridges and moderate head make insertion and thrusting manageable as well as pleasurable. All of these traits make it a good, versatile starter dildo.

Tantus Curve with a decorative plant in the background

Design and Features:

The Curve has several unique design aspects that set it apart from other dildos. It has a tapered head that facilitates easy insertion, but also delivers a more subtle feel in insertion. This is in contrast to the “pop” feeling I’ve found I enjoy when using dildos with more pronounced heads.

It has ridged texturing spanning the top of its body, which is one of the better points of the Curve, in my opinion. The best thing I can compare it to is my memories of sliding down the stairs as a kid–that “THUNKTHUNKTHUNK” feeling, but in my vagina this time.

I also really like that the base of the Curve is teardrop shaped. It’s good for gripping, but more importantly, it acts as a compass that helps guide you so that you always align the Curve within yourself or your partner at the correct angle. The base makes it safe for anal use and also allows it to fit well in a harness.

The teardrop shaped base of the Tantus Curve.
The teardrop shaped base of the Tantus Curve.


The angle and namesake of the Curve is intended to provide superior g-spot stimulation, but in the experience of my partner and I, it didn’t really stand out in this regard. It’s not the toy I would reach for if I was seeking g-spot stimulation. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone looking for a great g-spotting dildo since it hasn’t reliably delivered that kind of stimulation for me.

Harness Performance:

Touching again on how the Curve functions in a harness, I found that its angle makes it better to use with hands in partnered sex rather than in a harness.

For my partner and I, the angle made strap-on sex kind of difficult and caused us to spend more time trying to angle the Curve correctly than we did actually enjoying ourselves. We found this to be the case regardless of who was giving or receiving.

Tantus Curve worn in a Spareparts Joque Harness, viewed from the side. The person wearing the harness is white, gesturing to the dildo with their hand, and a black shirt and leggings in addition to the harness.
The Tantus Curve worn in a SpareParts Joque harness.

Handheld Performance:

Despite our difficulties using it in a harness, we found the Curve works very well as a handheld dildo in partnered sex. While it doesn’t make me sing in ecstasy regarding incredible g-spot stimulation, it definitely still feels good, especially when the textured ridges hit the right way going in and out of my vagina.

The size of the Curve is very manageable–it’s 6” long and has a diameter of 1.37”, meaning that the Curve has never felt overwhelming or painful to me. It’s formed out of a firm single density silicone that has enough give and squish to provide an overall satisfying experience with little drag when well lubed. 

Tantus Curve held upright in a black gloved hand

What I Would Change about the Tantus Curve:

There’s nothing notably bad about the Curve. I would definitely recommend it as a safe, affordable starter dildo that delivers noticeable, but manageable texture. I also appreciate that it doesn’t look realistic, as realistic dildos really aren’t me or my partner’s thing.

The “Midnight Purple” color the Curve is available in is tasteful and nice enough to look at, although the color is one of the main reasons the Curve doesn’t really excite me. It feels too dull and bland for me.

My pictures for this blog were taken with good lighting, but the lighting I normally see the Curve in is the garbage overhead lighting in my bedroom.

When the Curve is sitting next to my other toys under my bedroom’s normal lighting, it looks like a sad, forgotten raisin at the bottom of a lunchbox. The “Midnight Purple” color doesn’t look striking–rather, it just looks bland compared to the more vivid toys in my collection.

At heart, I’m simple and I love bright colors. Honestly, if the Curve looked more like the box it came in, that would probably lead me to rank it higher. I would love to see it offered in a bright, bold color like green or orange.

Tantus Curve held horizontally in a black gloved hand

Final Thoughts on the Tantus Curve:

The Curve was the first traditional dildo (as in, non-phallic, non vibrating toy designed specifically for penetration) my partner and I purchased and tried out. While it’s not my favorite dildo, I still think it was a good pick for “our first dildo.”

The size is manageable, it’s versatile, it’s affordable (especially if you keep an eye out for sales). Even though I’ve discovered dildos I like better, the Curve still feels good and is a completely solid pick.

As a plus, the Curve helped me to reflect on what I wished this dildo had—for example, a more pronounced head and a more exciting color scheme—and then seek those traits out in the other dildos I went on to purchase later.

The Tantus Curve is a solid choice for a starter dildo due to its size, material, versatility, and reasonable price point.

You can buy a Tantus Curve of your own here at ShopEnby , here at SheVibe, or here directly from Tantus!

Tantus Curve laying on a plant

Disclaimer: I purchased the Tantus Curve with my own money. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 




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